The Story

It all started with a suitcase full of T-shirts and a dream. We made our start in sales selling knock off homecoming shirts at a college we didn't even attend. While this was far from a huge success, it was our start. This led us both to an opportunity working as salesmen in a brick and mortar printing company in our hometown of Austin, MN. Over time we realized that we wanted to be a part of something more than a traditional printing company. At AlphaMark, we're bigger than t-shirts. We wanted to be a company with the feel of an agency. On July, 7, 2017 we pursued our dream of becoming entrepreneurs and AlphaMark was born. For the first few months, AlphaMark operated out of a spare office in the upstairs of Nathan’s dad’s business before relocating to Duluth, MN. We knew Duluth was the place for us after visiting an old friend there and falling in love with the area.  

Meet the Team

Dan Larson


Dan got his start in sales at the ripe age of 6 years old repurposing and selling a variety of pens and mechanical pencils to his classmates in elementary school in exchange for goldfish and other “snack” type items. Dan continued this passion into high school where he competed in sales at the state level for DECA selling his favorite hockey stick. When Dan isn’t laying down a killer pitch you can find him angling on the lakes of Minnesota or participating in a variety of pickup sports contests at a local park. 

Strength: Dan’s biggest strength is being outgoing and having the ability to engage anyone who he interacts with. This ability comes especially handy during sales calls and when dealing with people in general. According to Dan though, what makes him so charming is his attention to detail when interacting with others which allows him to really understand his clients. 

Unique fact: Dan has a reputation to those who know him best as a phenomenal entertainer, whether it may be singing, freestyle rapping or impersonating Marge from the Simpsons, Dan is notorious for being able to make people laugh. 

Nathan Brinkman


Nathan’s passion for small business goes back to time as a child when he watched his dad start and grow his own small business. Being a part of an entrepreneurial family gave him a unique perspective on the idea of being your own boss. This combined with a passion for development can be traced back to his dynasty teams in Madden 05'. Nathan also has a spirit for challenging the status quo which brings innovation and new ideas into any business sales plan or marketing strategy. This goes all the way back to the time where he protested beefy nachos as a lunch entree in elementary school. When not spending time being a passionate entrepreneur you can find Nathan cheering on his seemingly hopeless Minnesota sports teams, socializing with friends and enjoying live music.

Strength: Nathan’s biggest strength is the ability to search far and wide for qualified prospects. Nathan also posses a very unique creativity which allows him to come up with ideas and find opportunities others may think are simply crazy. 

Unique fact: Nathan originally attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh as a journalism student with the intention of becoming a beat writer for one of his hometown Minnesota NBA or NFL teams before realizing his true passion for business.